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Public Exhibitions  click  on image for shows

Working at Gymboree 2009
Facets of Bancroft
Culture days Show
Naranja Gallery
Solo Show
Solo Show
City Centre Blue Mountain
Twisted Pine Gallery
Art in the Garden
Kiwi Gardens
Loft Gallery
Gilly Gooley Gallery
Solo Show : Tactuality
Bancroft Public Art Gallery
Business Show
Oakville Art Show
Artist at Work
Studio Tours
Town & Country Gallery
North Country Gallery
Art in Garden (BMFA)
Artist at work
Women's Network Show
Mahana Pearl  Gallery
Family Memorial
Ocean and Jungle
Earth Day
El Gato sin Dueno
Culture Days
Art in the Garden
Art in the Park
Tactuality Show opening
Mama Kia Gallery
Apples & Art
Heritage Days
Apples and Art
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