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I am an artist sculptor who works in all media.(wood, stone, concrete,fabric,paper, acrylics etc. I've also taught many art classes in my studios.​ For 3 years I served as chef and owner of

"The Market Square Bistro" in Almonte Ontario.


I still enjoy experimenting with local ingredients  and cooking for guests. Not only do I use my creativity in a kitchen but also  in two studios:one in Beaver Valley, Ontario, and one in  Costa Rica.

 "I fell in love with Costa Rica after vacationing here. I find that Costa Rica is a safe and friendly place. The climate is hot and the scenery is spectacular .".

 What most impressed me about this country is the commitment to protect the environment by all Ticos (Costa Ricans). There is no more environmentally friendly place on earth.


Almost 30% of the country is reserved for national parks; the highest proportion of any country in the world; and it is said that Costa Rica, a small country with a population of less than 5 million people, has more species of flora and fauna than any other country.


"I feel blessed to enjoy such an extraordinarily varied habitat: from beaches and mangrove swamps to volcanoes and cloud forests, and everything in between." 


After 15 years, though things change quickly here with the influx of expats from both US and Canada,  I’m still in awe of this environment and blessed to be here and I feel the same in Beaver Valley Ontario.

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